Vince McMahon (wwe_vince) wrote in wwe,
Vince McMahon

The Announcement that will Change the WWE Livejournal Universe Forever

Hello, Dr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon here, and I have a very important announcement to make, one that will shock the very core of the wrestling world.

You see, during my healing time, I monitored my product, both on tv and online, and I have to say, it has gotten stagnant. With the appointing of the newer mods, there has been less in fighting, and thus less controvery. Nobody hardly even bothers to post anymore. Controversy creates an entertaining community. Thus, I have decided to make some drastic changes.

For my first order of business, to the fellow mods, chotliwala, cojos_revenge, lowrider, ravensgurl211 and yhanos, otherwise known as the Kliq, for failing to keep the community entertaining -


How is that for must read LJ? But no, my friends, no, it doesn't stop there, as I have an important announcement for you too.

wwe, for failing to post and for tuning out of the project -


have been sold out. That's right, I have sold wwe to the highest bidder. As I was sitting in my hospital bed, I was thinking, that in these hard economic times it is too risky to hold on to properties that aren't bringing in the cash flow - especially when the money that could have been used for a paid account could be used for that Pussycatdoll' after Mania finishes up. So I sold my mod status to a fine young gentlemen. I am not at liberty to discuss his identity yet, but power has been turned over to him, and he is working feverishly on the new wwe. Expect him to introduce himself within the next several hours.

wwe, I wish you well in your future endeavors.

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