jvrich (jvrich) wrote in wwe,

The Fate of the Union

A-break it down

My name is Jon Vargas, you can call me JV Rich
I'm the new mod of this comm and ya'll are my bitch
I bought the community from Vince McMahon
Not I'm gonna tell ya my scheme, my master plan
I became rich from Powerball, and I decided to start
My own wrestling company starring Jimmy Hart
It's got rap and boobies and bitches you know
Here is a video to give the low-down on my show

I thought "How can I start me out with an audiance?"
Vinny Mac said "Kiss my ass" and he dropped his pants
We have everything lined up for the show but the station
Make sure to read the rules and regulations


1. All entries must be on topic (Wrestlicious)
2. All entries must be in the form of a rap and contain the word boobies

First time rule breakers will have their entries frozen as a warning.
Second time rule breakers will have their entries deleted
Third time rule breakers will be BANNED

Word to your mothers

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