Vince McMahon (wwe_vince) wrote in wwe,
Vince McMahon


Okay, I admit, jvrich is my sock puppet. Yes, it started before and went longer then April Fools. A good prank is like fine wine, you have to give it time to ripen. Just ask Bret Hart.

I did it to get people to participate, to think outside the box when making the posts they normally would, to show some creativity. Some passed with flying colors. It warmed the cockles of my old heart. Even if you took away the comlaints (some of which were in the form of a battle rap) we still had more participation then we've had in months, not counting some of my fellow mods ranting to themselves.

Nobody was banned at all, nothing was done except a frozen comment in posts that didn't participate, and as a matter of fact the community was changed to open status, so more members joined. Everything has been restored to the way it was, so people can stop being butt hurt about it.

Now on to a great Wrestlemania!

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