John Bradshaw Layfield: Today's Worst Person in the World!

Sorry to be posting again - but I thought people might appreciate this. Journalist Keith Olbermann has named JBL as the "Worst Person in the World" today - in his capacity as a Fox Business analyst. (Olbermann didn't mention wrestling at all, and, in fact, got his middle initial wrong - C instead of B.) It's largely because of JBL's new energy drink....

April 17: John C. Layfield works as an on-air stock analyst for the Fox Business Network and is also the driving force behind “Mama-juana Energy,” a berry-flavored juice positioned as a herbal remedy that promotes sexual endurance.
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AC Oh Shit

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Although I'll watch tonight's Raw 15th Anniversary show, I can't help but dwell on who won't be there: Sensational Sherri, the Fabulous Moolah (Mae Young by herself pales by comparison to how hard core Moolah was), Miss Elizabeth, Mr. Perfect....and...Chris Benoit.

I know there have been others who have passed unexpectedly during the past couple years (notably: Eddie Guerrero), and they've had tributes, but it's hard to celebrate.

*sigh* :(

(I really don't mean to be a downer, I just felt the need to post.)


ok. I don't know if this is allowed or not, but if not just tell me and i'll remove the post.
My son just turned 8 and he absolutely LOVES WWE. in all shapes and forms.
now he is BEGGING (ok. BEYOND begging) for me to get him the HBK and batista books for him for christmas.
SEEING as how he is only 8, i'm worried there might be some stuff in there that I don't want him reading. (he's highly advanced in his reading abilities, so i'm not worried about him getting through them..)
has anyone in here read them?
Heartbreak & triumph (HBK)
and batistas (unleashed? i think it's called)
can anyone tell me what is in them that could be inappropriate for him?
I would GREATLY appreciate it...

Smackdown vs ECW

I'm taking My son (Chase) to go see Smackdown & ECW tonight!
we're so excited!
he had me up til 1230 making signs for him.
he says "this is what i want them to say. looks good. i'm going to bed"
little turd.
though he's only 7 and had school the next morning, so i certainly wasn't going to let him stay up.
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RVD Article

Article/Interview with Rob Van Dam from the October Skywatch.
RVD and Christy Hemme are among a few celebrity guests appearing at the Armageddon Pulp Expo.

[[okay, i think i will go this year xD]]

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Something that probably would have had me laughing a week ago is now one of the saddest things I've seen:

Besides this .. how do you think now you are going to view Benoit .. regardless of wheather the WWE is going to sweep him under the rug or not.

Will you see him as a great man with unlimited ability to wrestle and entertain who at the very end made the worst mistake/choice anyone can, something that is absolutely unforgivable but is an act in it's own which you hold seperate to the rest of his life.

Or is he a monster who now has had his entire career/reputation tarnished forever, was he just like this under the surface and it finally exploded.

Personally I'm going for the first choice. I won't forget how much fun it was watching Benoit win the Rumble and then making HHH tap at wrestlemania, and I won't forget sitting in awe watching his matches with Angle. These are very fond memories that no one will take away from me, not even Chris Benoit himself. Whatever happend last weekend is an act in itself that was just disgusting. But when I watch a dvd from years past like his battle with Jericho at the Royal Rumble, I won't watch it going "there is Chris Benoit, the child murderer". At that point in time I truely believe he was not who he was last weekend. Even watching the celebrations of Wrestlemania XX with Nancy and Daniel in the ring, that was all pure emotion, pure love.

To me there are 2 Chris Benoits, one i'll always love and one I'll always hate.