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The Unofficial WWE Community

The Unofficial WWE Livejournal Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
The unofficial Live Journal WWE community

Interim Rules:
Spoilers are unacceptable. Put them behind a cut. Spoilers cease to be spoilers three days after a show airs.

You will not be added to this community unless you are already in a wrestling community, have wrestling in your interests, or otherwise have some sort of wrestling in your icons or banners. This community needs members who will contribute, not have a bunch of random people who never talk.

Make an effort to be on topic. The topic is professional wrestling, by the way.

All images larger than 400x400 must be placed behind a cut. Any entries that violate this will be deleted when a mod gets around to noticing.

More than 2 youtube videos must be placed behind a cut. Any entries that violate this will be deleted when a mod gets around to noticing.

Personal insults are largely discouraged, but may be tolerated depending on mod bias and level of hilarity involved.

Spell checking and a reasonable grasp of grammar is encouraged. If an entry is deemed unintelligible, it will either be deleted or it will be considered an invitation for intense mockery.

Community promos are obnoxious. This isn't a rule, just an arbitrary observation. If you feel the need to promote a community you can use The Official WWE Community Pimp Page.

Moderator discretion is paramount. Period.

Read this also!

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Other sites:
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